The Atrium

One of our early labour contracting projects: This job consisted of laying out, measuring and installing 170 large pieces of glass surrounding an atrium which was seven stories in height.

The job presented many challenges: getting the vertical joints to line up precisely; having to glaze each piece from within the atrium because the handrail had previously been installed; measuring and installing pieces notched around concrete beams; and measuring and installing the curved handrail glass. When it was completed, every piece fit as intended and not one piece was broken.

We were able to meet these challenges by drawing on our experience with large commercial jobs. We used a transit in order to keep our joints on grid. Because it was necessary to work from within the atrium, we installed a monorail along the ceiling. The monorail allowed us to lift the glass to each level of the structure. Areas with no overhead access were glazed using a rig built from rolling scaffold and a swing stage beam. We also installed storefront, window film and a TVS door. The job was managed by Fairmile Construction.


Atrium Photos

Here are a few photos which were taken during this project.

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