Who is b3 Glass Ltd.?

In 2002, Dave and Jason teamed up and began supplying material and labour for smaller jobs and labour contracting large commercial projects for other glass companies. In 2007, they leased a warehouse with a view to supplying and installing projects to construction managers and general contractors. Both are committed to providing quality workmanship and customer service in order to build a strong reputation in the industry.


Dave Browning

Dave has worked in the glazing industry for over 30 years and has earned a reputation for quality, competence and leadership. He has been involved in all aspects of the glazing trade. His beginnings included three years at Atlas Glass working with architects on custom homes and boats. He later ran large commercial projects such as EASports, YVR and a tower on Melville.

Dave’s primary responsibilities are field management, site supervision and safety. He is involved in maintaining the quality of the work in the field and running a safe site. Dave has a reputation for being fair to deal with and has a wealth of experience in working with field personnel, architects, engineers, building envelope consultants, and project supervisors. He only hires competent, responsible glaziers and is always on site to train and supervise his crew. He represents b3 Glass Ltd. in a professional manner and is dedicated to furthering its reputation for excellence.


Jason Browning

Jason has been in the glazing industry for over 25 years and has worked on and managed a variety of projects ranging from small custom work to large commercial projects. He was employed for many years as a journeyman glazier and foreman, working on commercial projects such as YVR, the Blanshard Building in Victoria and City Center tower in Surrey. Jason also worked as an iron worker and is experienced in rigging and working with large cranes. In addition to his reputation for quality work and innovative ideas, Jason is known for his organizational skills and logical sense of attention to workflow.

Jason’s primary responsibilities are project management and estimating. He is personally involved in every job from communicating with the clients and construction managers to managing the material fabrication. He sees it as his responsibility to ensure a job that runs smoothly, and to meet deadlines while maintaining a high quality of workmanship. He represents b3 Glass Ltd. in a professional manner and is dedicated to furthering its reputation for excellence.

Early Challenges

One of our earliest glazing contracts involved laying out, measuring and installing 170 large pieces of glass surrounding an atrium which was seven stories in height.

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