Steve Nash Sports Club

One of our first supply and install projects: This job consisted of supplying, fabricating and installing curtainwall, interior storefront, frameless shower doors, mirrorwall, window film and office doors. We also had the opportunity to install coloured resin panels which provide interesting illuminated accents in this exclusive club.

The job presented one challenge: meeting the aggressive deadline which coincided with Steve Nash's scheduled appearance at the grand opening. Getting the material to site on time was made easier with our new trailer. Moving it all quickly to where it needed to be installed was the next step. We decided that the most efficient way of getting the large sheets of glass to their respective floors was to use a scissorlift along with a powercup and a crane. Stonecroft Management Ltd. was excellent in clearing the alley for us for the day and, even then, the space was tight.

With a little thought and long hours we managed to meet the deadline. The intended design is all that remains.

SNSC Photos

Here are a few photos which were taken during this project.

The set up
The results